Corporate Events

  • Like the name suggests, Connextions Events is an “Event Management” company comprising a bunch of talented, innovative and dedicated employees.
  • We have been in the Event space for the last 8 years and have done numerous numbers of events across the country and around the globe.
  • Connexions Event is an “End to End Solution Provider” Right from Conceptualization to Completion of an Event.
  • We pride ourselves that we are a “ONE STOP SHOP” for all event related requirements.
  • We specialize in offering unique concepts with unrivaled delivery.
  • Creativity is our Heart and Perfection is our Soul and we love to push boundaries.

At Connexions Corporate Event, we like to be proactive. As an evolving company we are constantly looking for innovative and creative ways to deliver effective team building programmes to our clients. By developing new concepts and continually monitoring new trends we are able to offer something different and cater for any requirements - no matter how unconventional or challenging. Our experienced, passionate team thrive on meeting and exceeding our clients' expectations.

Corporate Events & Team Building

We are always looking to improve our portfolio of corporate events with ground breaking new ideas and inventive planning. So if you need something unique - something tailored specifically to your needs and the needs of your company - then talk to us today.

Our team building events are produced with the sole aim of bringing people together and encouraging them to have no-holds-barred fun, resulting in an improved collective performance via a series of exercises, tasks and shared goals. Without the constraints of the work environment, team building exercises can prove extremely beneficial - with positive outcomes for both employer and employee. We have even found that our events tend to lead to people discovering talents and strengths that might otherwise have remain dormant or hidden.