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Destination Wedding in India

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The interest in India as a wedding destination has greatly grown in recent years. These days, not only do foreigners want to get married in spectacular venues all across the country, Indians do as well! The most popular locations for destination weddings in India are the authentic palaces of Rajasthan, the beautiful mountains and places in Himachal and beaches of Goa and Kerala. One thing is important though, we make sure you have a decent wedding planner or hotel event planner to do all the organizing.

Planning a wedding, especially a Destination Wedding in India and don't know where to begin? A Royal wedding in Rajasthan or wedding in romantic Himachal or wedding in Goa or a wedding in the backwaters of Kerala? A traditional wedding or a theme wedding? A fairy-tale wedding or a simple one? Too many questions, no forthcoming answers? Seeking divine intervention won't suffice - a little earthly assistance is called for. Contact us - All Inclusive Wedding Service Provider in India.

Destination Weddings in Himachal Pradesh India.

Destination Weddings in Himachal Pradesh

Wedding and then Honeymoon in Himachal Pradesh is like a dream come true for the newly wed couples. If you love hills and lofty mountains, then Himachal can be the ideal destination to spend those beautiful moments of your wedding along with honeymoon. Himachal Pradesh, a beautiful state in India, is nestled in the world's biggest mountain ranges, Himalayas. Being a honeymooners' paradise, Himachal Pradesh is endowed with awesome natural splendor.


Royal Weddings in Goa, India.

Destination Weddings in Goa

Getting married in Goa is a dream come true for many. Its pristine beaches, vast stretches of swaying palms and breath taking canopies. All combine to form a perfect destination for a dream wedding.
Weddings in Goa can be memorable with wedding planners Goa. Be it the Civil Registration or ceremony on the beach, be it a grand reception at a deluxe hotel or a private dine on the beach.


Royal Weddings in Kerla, India.

Destination Weddings in Kerala

Kerala has some of the finest and beautiful beaches in India.
If you are in interested in wedding in southern style, Kerala can be a very exotic destination. A wedding feast in banana leaves, a decorated elephant to bring the groom, a performance of classical Indian music and dance, decorating of hands and feet of the bride with Henna, Silk Saree for the bride and Dhoti and white shirt for the groom all are too much breathtaking. That’s why Kerala is a perfect wedding destination.


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