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Destination Wedding in South East Asia

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There are so many wonderful reasons to visit Southeast Asia as part of your romantic getaway, honeymoon or wedding. Southeast Asia is one of those few places that steals your soul and won’t give it back. The people are so friendly and so hospitable. They will cater to your every need. The culture is so exotic and the history is so rich. You won’t be able to get enough of it. Visually, it is so romantic, so beautiful. So few Americans have traveled to Southeast Asia, it is filled with intrigue. People travel to Southeast Asia with such low expectations and come back wanting more.

There is something so special and so unique about Southeast Asia. It is mystical. It is so romantic. Once you visit you are forever changed spiritually. You don’t know exactly what has happened but you have a deeper understanding of human beings, in general, and other cultures.

Travel to Asia for a romantic and exotic wedding and honeymoon. With so many destinations to choose from, Asia has a lot to offer all types of couples, especially those who are on a budget.

Destination Weddings in Thailand.

Destination Weddings in Thailand

Thai culture gives you a feel of most countries in this part of the world. It has drawn extensively from Chinese, Lao, Burmese, Cambodian and Indian cultures. Its traditions are influenced greatly by India, China, Cambodia and rest of Southeast Asia.

Like most South Asian countries, Thailand is also a shopper’s paradise. Late November till February is the best time to be in Thailand. Theme based spectacles like blooming sunflower festival, lanterns festivals are Thai specialty.


Royal Weddings in Bali

Destination Weddings in Bali

Bali island in Indonesia received the best island award from Travel and Leisure in 2010. The island of Bali won because of its attractive surroundings (both mountain and coastal areas), diverse tourist attractions, excellent international and local restaurants, and the friendliness of the local people.

Indonesia is renowned for its diverse and sophisticated art forms like painting, sculpture, woodcarving, handcrafts and performing arts.

Indonesia has mostly tropical climate. April to October the right time if you want to avoid rains. Else it is fine year round.


Royal Weddings in Malaysia.

Destination Weddings in Malaysia

Multilingual, multiethnic and multicultural best describes Malaysia. This multiplicity manifests in a vast choice of avenues to make your wedding a memorable affair. Green weddings to beach lunches, we create it all.

Malaysia as a shopping destination hardly needs any mention. With tropical whether throughout the year, any season is fine.


Wedding in Maldives.

Destination Weddings in Maldives

The Maldives is that of a small, isolated and peaceful nation constantly trying to contain the desires of its powerful neighbours and would-be colonisers. It’s also an incredibly hazy history for the most part – of which little before the conversion to Islam in 1153 is known. Indeed, the pre-Muslim period is full of heroic myths, mixed with conjecture based on inconclusive archaeological discoveries.

The Maldivian character has clearly been shaped by this tumultuous past: hospitable and friendly but fiercely proud and independent at the same time, it’s safe to say that no conquering armies have got very far trying to persuade the Maldivian people of its benevolence.


Wedding in Singapore.

Destination Weddings in Singapore

Singapore is in fact one of the most enjoyable cities in Southeast Asia. As you zoom in from one of the world's best airports along the lushly tree-shaded expressway or on the zippy MRT train line, you'll quickly realise this is no traffic-snarled Bangkok. And as you stroll through the fashion emporiums of Orchard Rd, poke around antique shops in Chinatown or take a walk around one of the dozens of beautiful city parks, you'll know the city bears no comparison to crime- and poverty-ridden Manila or Jakarta.

Then, as you are drinking and dancing until dawn in the city's pubs and clubs, or sipping a cocktail surrounded by the colonial elegance of a Raffles Hotel veranda, think of your fellow travellers in Bangkok, who are being turfed onto the street at midnight.


Wedding in Mauritius

Destination Weddings in Mauritius

Mauritius owes much of its fame and development to the luxury tourism industry. Need for optimum utilization of available space has resulted in promotion of high end tourism. You will find some of the world’s best spas, golf courses, boutique luxury hotels, 4 & 5 star beach resorts and beauty centers.

Best part of Mauritius is environment, with white beaches, sea, and warm climate; the friendliness of the Mauritians; and its political and social stability. Mauritius is surrounded by 33 km of coastline. It has excellent beaches, climate, and marine life.


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